Monday, 21 January 2019

Email Marketing Database – PROS AND CONS

Email marketing is one of the most important ways of digital marketing. The Email marketing technique has been very effective in getting large number of leads and increasing the sales of the businesses through getting Email database.  But still there are some problems occurring in Email Marketing.

1)      Time Saving-Email list buying is a quick solution because one purchase of an email list from a marketing company could contain the number of emails it would take you to collect over weeks or months.
2)      Cost Saving - Email database prices depends on the number of email addresses you want. When you compare the costs of collecting the same number of emails, buying an email list is cheaper.
3)      Warm Marketing- When you attract people to sign up for your email list, they have already warmed up to you. They know what they’re getting in exchange for their email address and they’re giving you permission to send them information.
4)      Social Ads - It’ll cost you the same amount of money to buy an outdated list with the wrong target audience as it will for you to run an advertisement on Facebook. But, on Facebook you’ll attract the right audience and actually earn money when people click over what you spent on the click.
5)      Boost in Business - An email list full of valid email addresses will raise brand awareness and give you an increase in sales.
1)      Invalid Emails-Email lists are typically collected through a marketing campaign. However, there is a possibility to be invalid or “dead” emails.
2)      Spam’s - If you buy an email list, you’re likely to end up being accused of spam. It’s so much better to earn your audience through other means and make sure you get that double opt-in. When people double opt-in they’re giving you permission to market to them, and that’s so much better.
3)      Email users change their email address at least once every two years or one or more times a year.

4)      Email addresses become outdated every year, Most of the time when you buy an email list, it will be kind of old. You’ll get a lot of bounces, and that’s not good for your conversion rate at all.
5)      Blacklisting -Buying a list of subscribers who have not opted in to receive emails from you can be the quickest way to end up on recipients’ blacklists.
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