Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Database Mistakes: How To Avoid

Database is a good investment for any company but, only if you research vendors and invest intelligently, it can have a dramatic impact on your company’s success and growth. However, if you’re not smart about your purchase, duplicate data quickly becomes a costly mistake.

Don’t let your data come back to bite you. Tips for getting B2B data purchase.

1. Make your provider understands your business goals.

A reliable data provider will take the time to carefully review the needs of your organization, and provides data that suits both your short term and long term data goals. Make a list of your requirements and communicate these to your provider.

2. Determine what services your price includes.

Be sure you fully understand what you’re paying for. Providers are often more flexible when it comes to pricing with prospects when they believe in long-term relationship.


3. Don’t buy data you don’t need.

There is no use of purchasing data which your firm will never use. Before you make a purchase, ask the data provider and make sure that the data’s are related  to your targeting.

4. Understand the Provider’s customer service policies.

Reliable data providers will guarantee on their accuracy and deliverability. Find out if the database you’re buying is covered by these guarantees and exactly what is required to prove a record is a duplicate, undeliverable or inaccurate. Agree in advance on how you’ll be compensated.


5. Ask for a discount.

Discounts come in many forms: volume, pre-payment, new customer, bundled offers, on first purchase, etc. Ask for the package options, because they may be willing to offer a free trial or discount to win your business.

Buying data can be complicated, keep these tips in mind to get the more value out of your data purchase.

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