Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Database Marketing: A smart way to reach your customers

Customer is the king of the market and serving him is the only aim for any business enterprise. There is a tough competition in the market and in order to stay in the battle and gain profits one must be well aware of the smart ways to reach the customers! Just selling Database will not be enough, create a rapport and ensure whether one makes the maximum use of it.
1) Clear Targeting Requirements
There are a number of ways to define targeting requirements, depending on the kind of leads you want to buy. Most requirements fall into these three categories:
  •          Based on industry, company size, job title, and geographic location
  •          Based on Budget, authority, timeline, need
  •          Level of interest or purchase intent
2) Data Accuracy
Database should have high standards for data accuracy, the resources to back them up, and data should be appended periodically. There should be no duplicate or invalid entries, failed email address or phone number validation, and blank form fields.
3)Expand lead sources
In business, If you focus all of your efforts on one side of distribution, you may miss out on an entire audience or half. The best lead generation companies are the one, who use a variety of channels and tactics — SEO, email marketing, paid media, content syndication, event marketing, tele-marketing, and so on.
4)Pay for quality
Lead generation is an investment.  You get what you pay for. Both the quality and the qualification of your leads will be strongly influenced by how much you pay. You can afford the database volumes based on your business and needs.

5) Delivery of database
The provider will deliver leads directly to your CRM database. Customers can view profiles in their system, run reports, pull leads into existing workflows. In some case, you may need to import leads through Excel.

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