Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Bulk SMS Services in Chennai

SMS always scores over email in terms of reach. The latter requires that you log into your email application or a website to see your message. So, the best thing about availing our Bulk SMS services in Chennai is that you can reach just about everybody quite easily, instantly and effortlessly.

Wide Reach &Surefire Conversion
As a bulk SMS provider in Chennai, we are witness to the surefire conversion that takes place through SMS marketing. The reason SMS is still a highly effective tool is that it is the only mode of marketing that can reach all types of customers. Everyone may not have a smartphone or data connection but almost everyone will use a mobile phone. Yet, by including a short hyperlink, smartphone users can also visit your website, which amounts to better conversion rates.

Increase Your Margins
Using bulk SMS marketing in Chennai, you can cut down on a lot of your marketing costs to increase your margins. You can carry out bulk SMS marketing regardless of your industry or sector. Both B2B and B2C businesses can benefit from this highly effective marketing tool.

Online SMS API & Reselling

Online SMS API Chennai is another interesting feature that integrates and works within your website or application and sends auto-generated text messages. This means that you do not have to send those millions of messages manually, which eases you of any strain in your marketing efforts. Alongside the above services, we have also been one of the best bulk SMS resellers in Chennai. Making use of our services, you can chalk out highly effective strategies to reach your market with ease, less effort and low cost.

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Bulk SMS Services in Chennai

Hasn’t SMS been a surefire way to win clients and customers? SMSes are very close to any mobile phone user. Even a Facebook may require a smartphone, data connection or internet connection but SMS is available to those who use even the most basic models. So, utilizing bulk sms services in Chennai to sell your products or services can bring in guaranteed results.

SMS Makes a lot of Sales Happen
Hence, as a bulk SMS provider in Chennai, we believe and consequently witness that SMS still makes up about a lot of the sales of many of our clients. It has a wide range. Through text messages, you can target anyone from customers of the lowest economic strata to the highest. From CEOs to daily wage earners, text messages are an effective marketing tool.

Suitable for all Industries and Niches
While turning out the best results, Bulk SMS Marketing in Chennai can be quite cost-effective as well. So, you are sure to get high margin returns with bulk messaging. Industries and sectors can range from retail products to services to coaching classes and much more. Nowadays, smartphones connect hyperlinks from SMS deftly and easily to the internet. So, that’s a very highly useful option as well.

Automatic SMS Feature and Reselling

Our online SMS API integrates with your website or application to send auto-generated text messages in bulk to your clients and customers. Besides providing text message marketing services, we are the best bulk SMS reseller in Chennai with many years of expertise and significant market penetration. Order for bulk SMS services now, which you will sure find appropriate to render a boost to your sales and marketing efforts.